Brooklyn Homeowners Can't Return to Their Building Months After Flooding Forced Them Out — And They're Getting No Answers

"I'm living with family members that I really don't want to wake up and see," one frustrated homeowner says seven months after being ordered out of his building

What to Know

  • Homeowners at a Brooklyn apartment building are frustrated because they still can't go home seven months after a pipe flooded the basement
  • Vacate order signs are plastered over the front door, even though the flooding didn't affect upper floor apartments
  • People say they're still paying homeowner association fees and are getting no answers as to when they can return or the repairs progress

Seven months after broken water pipes flooded the basement of a Brooklyn apartment building, homeowners still are not allowed to return and they're getting no answers as to why. 

"This is enough. What's going on?" said a frustrated Quadir Moody. "There's no end in sight, seven months later." 

News 4 cameras captured the initial pipe burst and FDNY response in January 2018. Now vacate orders have been posted for months on the Lenox Road building in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, where parts of the facade are crumbling, and homeowners say they're not seeing any repair work being done in the basement.  

"Every day I look at these signs, and I get depressed more and more," he said.

Moody's second-floor apartment didn't see any water damage, but he still can't come home. To make matters worse, he has a newborn baby, who was born the day before the apartment nightmare started. 

"The next thing you know, it's now what, July 17, and I still am not able to take my daughter home, who was born on the next block." 

Homeowner Tiffany Davidson is equally fed up. 

"I still pay my mortgage, and I still pay my homeowners assocation fee for a place that I can't live in," she said. 

The worst part, she said, is getting no answers: "I think that's the most frustrating thing for myself and my neighbors. And as of today, there's no end in sight." 

The Department of Buildings said the building was scheduled for an inspection on June 28, but the contractor canceled it and has not rescheduled.

News 4 has reached out to the building's management company about the delay but the company has not responded. 

In the meantime, Moody is still waiting as his patience grows thin. 

"I'm living with family members that I really don't want to wake up and see," he said. 

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