Boaters Rescued from Atlantic Highlands Jetty

Two boaters heading from Long Island to Key West had to be rescued when they ended up crashing into the rocks of a jetty in Atlantic Highlands. 

The crew of the cabin cruiser was trying to set an anchor to ride out Monday night's rough weather in Raritan Bay when the line got caught in the propeller. 

The disabled boat headed toward the rocks, ending up with a hole in its hull as rescue squads from Atlantic Highlands and nearby rushed to the scene to save them. 

Though just feet from safety, it was nonetheless a close call. 

"I've sailed a lot in the Caribbean and the Reefs and had all kind of mishaps but I haven't ended up with a hole in the boat until this one," said Chris Trestick of Key West, one of the two boaters rescued. 

Either of the two boaters could have suffered a broken back trying to get off the rocking boat in Monday night's conditions, officials said. 

"If they would have tried to get off on the land side where the rocks are, where it's beneath them, they could have slipped and fall and broken a leg, an ankle," said Chief Bill Mount of the Atlantic Highlands 1st Aid Squad. 

As it was, the rescues went off without a hitch, although it's not clear what the fate of the boat will be. 

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