Bike Safety Seminar Warns Against Wrong-Way Riding

Call it a war on salmon.

Not the fish, the cyclists who 'swim' upstream, against traffic, even the wrong way in bike lanes.

"I tell them not to do it," said bike expert Emilia Crotty, who taught a class for commuting cyclists in SoHo on Thursday evening.

"You're a legitimate road-user as a cyclist. Obey traffic rules as if you're driving a car. Would you get up onto the sidewalk in a car? You would never do that."

Tonight's class followed the recent explosion of cycling in the city, with bike lanes seemingly popping up on every avenue.

Susi Wunsch, who writes a bike blog called velojoy, took the class. "I'm trying to learn safety tips and then write about it," she said.

Carl Samet, who just started riding his bike from his home in Boerum Hill to his office near Lincoln Center, said there's only one emotion he feels when he sees the wrong-way cyclists. "Anger," he said.

But the city's Department of Transportation has said another big problem is cars invading the bike lanes. And pedestrians who seem oblivious to all of it.

The Mayor's office plans to open more bike lanes as part of the PlanYC 2030 environmental initiative.

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