Bicyclist Awaits Charges for SUV's Bully Moves

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Get your morning scoop on a bicyclists struggle with the DA's office, an L-train hater, DBGB's logo, the merits of muck, and a flying photography helicopter creation in today's local blog round-up.

  • Back in May, Ray Bengen was biking down a Manhattan avenue well-within the bike lane limits when the driver of a black SUV pulled out into his path. Bengen slapped the side of the car to warn the driver that he was there, but the driver proceeded to open his door, knocking Bengen to the ground. After yelling at the fallen bicyclist, "Don't even think about it," he got back in his SUV and took off. As if that wasn't enough, the Manhattan DA's office hit him with a "criminal mischief" charge. Yesterday was his day in court, and the case is now stalled. What the heck. [Streetsblog]
  • The Brooklyn writer Richard Grayson is giving away digital copies of his newest book, I Hate All Of You On This L Train, for free! [Gothamist]
  • After a rogue accusation that the new DBGB hot spot in the shell of CBGB's copied its logo from a Chicago blog, Eater douses the flame with the knowledge of a "design nerd." [Eater]
  • Despite years of hearing the contrary, the muck, slime and eternally-possessed mud at the bottom of the Gowanus Canal might actually end up benefiting human kind! It all boils down to a few microbes that have learned to resist the germs. [Curbed]
  • A NYC photographer made a flying camera apparatus platform and took it on a swooping view over the newly opened High Line park. The creation of this magnificent flying photography machine has so far set the hobbyist photographer back a cool $15,000, but for shots like these, it might be worth it. [Wired]

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