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Attack on Westchester County Student Inside High School Bathroom Filmed On Camera

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Four Westchester County students are facing discipline after an attack inside a high school bathroom hit social media.

A White Plains High School student can be seen on video getting slapped in the face, punched and kicked while on the floor.

White Plains Superintendent Dr. Joseph Ricca has seen the video and is outraged.

“Your stomach churns, your fists clench. You’re immediately feeling sad and at the same time angry. You understand that these are children in the video but you also recognize how this is a dangerous situation,” he said.

Dr. Ricca said that everyone in the bathroom, including the victim and those taking part in the assault, know each other. He also said all are minors.

“Seems to be a coordinated situation. Seems like the kids knew what was going on and what they were doing,” Ricca said. “Certainly doesn’t make it OK.”

The three students seen in the video attacking another student are out of school, pending disciplinary action.

“The consequences that are associated with (the attack) are severe and potentially life-changing, or at least the trajectory of your schooling,” said Dr. Ricca.

That includes the student holding the phone and recording.

“We need to reinforce to folks who are holding the camera that’s that not OK,” he said. “When you’re in a situation you see something that’s dangerous, potentially dangerous is occurring — filming it is not the first thing you should be doing. The first thing you should be doing is getting help.”

As for the student being hit and kicked, Ricca said that the individual was not seriously hurt.

“But I’ll tell you who is not alright: The school community is not alright. We are not OK,” he said.

It’s not just the school district investigating this incident, as NBC New York learned that police are also taking a look at the case.

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