Exhibit Shows Artist's Naked Shots Around NYC

She shovels snow, panhandles for money and buys a hot dog from a street vendor -- naked.

A French artist is bringing her exhibit of naked self-portraits to the Dash Gallery in Tribeca as part of a new exhibit.

Photographer Erica Simone, 25, has been taking photos of herself in the nude around New York City, and will be displaying 20 of her shots in "Nue York: Self-Portraits of a Bare Urban Citizen," opening April 14 at the Dash Gallery.

She shovels snow on a sidewalk, plays pool, panhandles for money, goes for a run in the park, rides the subway and buys a hot dog from a street cart -- all in the buff.

In some of the shots, she wears shoes or accessories, but no clothing.

On her website, Simone said she wanted to raise questions of how New Yorkers would portray themselves and interact with one another if they could not fall back on status-symbol clothing and accessories.

"In this fashion-driven city where you are what you wear, I sometimes lose faith in the humanity and groundedness of New Yorkers," she said. 

Simone said she used the remote shutter release on her camera to shoot the photos, taken guerilla-style.

"The most important part of the shoot is the timing," she told NBC New York in an email. "Sometimes I'll wait up to a half an hour (the train shot took me 200 blocks) to get JUST the right timing, but most of the time I'm in and out within a matter of minutes."

"From Hudson to Houston and from Bowery to the Bronx, photographing Manhattan has never been such a rush," Simone said on her website.

For more information, visit www.nue-york.com.

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