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Students Expelled for Bringing Pot Brownies on Catholic School Field Trip



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    Six Rockland County students got booted from their Catholic high school for bringing pot brownies on a field trip to Washington, D.C., according to published reports.

    Albertus Magnus Catholic High School Principal Joseph Troy confirmed the juniors got expelled but wouldn't give an explicit reason, saying only that they broke school rules.

    "In order to protect them, I cannot divulge what happened," Troy told The Journal News. "I don't want to hurt them any further by having it publicized."

    Officials found weed brownies at one of the hotel rooms where the students – two boys and four girls – were staying, according to some reports. Earlier, they found one of the students on the Capitol Building steps with paraphernalia, reports 1010 Wins.

    Other students at the school launched a Facebook campaign to demand the expulsion be reversed. Some posted on the page about staging a sit-in to show their support.

    At least one person posted a message saying the students should be punished, but that outright expulsion was too austere a punishment.

    Citing Catholic values, that poster said the students should be given another chance.

    "As Catholics and being in a Catholic school we should believe in forgiveness and second chances to those who have done wrong," the poster wrote. "These expulsions do not help the students nor the school."