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Rutgers Tuition Fees Hikin' On Up

Rutgers students will pay more for their education starting this fall



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    Rutgers students, prepare to empty those pockets. You'll soon be paying more for your college education. 

    On Thursday, the Rutgers school board approved a tuition hike and increase in mandatory fees, bringing the total cost of education to over $12,500. That's $9,926 in tuition and $2,633 in fees for the average in-state student, starting this fall.

    Set on living on campus? Expect to fork over 5 percent more for room and boarding costs. Out-of-state students can expect a 6 percent increase in tuition bills.

    School officials blame the state for decreasing financial support, leaving 53,000 Rutgers students no choice but to pick up the bill. 

    Rutgers University is among the most expensive state universities to attend in the country.