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Mayor Hits Brakes on Pedicab Rate Bill Decision



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    NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 20: Drivers and supporters of pedicabs descend on City Hall to protest a new city law which will put a cap on the pedal-powered cabs September 20, 2007 in New York City. The proposed law, Local Law 19, would set a cap of 325 pedicabs city-wide, potentially putting hundreds of drivers out of work. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

    Mayor Bloomberg says he'll decide by Friday whether to sign a proposal to keep pedicabs from charging confusing, sometimes exorbitant rates.

    The proposal was up for Bloomberg to consider signing Wednesday. After a pedicab driver complained that the city was unfair to the bicycle taxis, Bloomberg said he wanted "to find out a little more" about the proposal.
    The City Council voted unanimously last month to require pedicab drivers to charge by the minute, with the timer clearly visible.
    Now, most pedicab drivers charge by city block and per passenger. Some add surcharges.
    One Texas family paid more than $400 for a 14-block ride this summer.
    The New York City Pedicab Owners' Association says about 700