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The (Things) New Yorkers Say

Viral video meme takes on the Big Apple



    The (Things) New Yorkers Say

    It was only a matter of time before the "S--t People Say" video meme focused on New Yorkers.  And this week it has.

    A YouTube video entitled "S--t New Yorkers Say" was posted to YouTube Wednesday and is becoming the latest video in the meme to go viral.

    Among the utterances that you yourself may have said: "Where is the train?" "Ugh, tourists,"  and "Do you smell maple syrup?"

    But like anything among New Yorkers, this video -- by Eliot and Ilana Glazer --  has sparked debate.

    For example, Momofuku is rightly name-checked.  But others might feel Magnolia is for tourists.  And Queens gets some rough treatment, summarily dismissed with "I don't go to Queens."

    While some YouTube commenters gave the video credit for being authentic, others were critical, saying it was a video of what hipsters would say.

    "As a true NATIVE new yorker born and raised in Greenwich village this is honestly everything a New yorker wouldn't say! Perhaps they should have consulted real New Yorkers," said one YouTube commenter among the many who were unimpressed by the video.

    Tough criticism.  That's s--t New Yorkers offer up on the regular.