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What's on Your MTA Wish List?

What's the first thing the new MTA chair should fix or improve?



    No matter where you live, incoming MTA Chairman Joe Lhota will have an impact on your life. News 4's Andrew Siff asked commuters what they'd like to see change under Lhota's watch. (Published Friday, Oct. 21, 2011)

    In the mad rush of getting around, there's no getting around this: commuters want better service.

    So when Joseph Lhota steps in as MTA chair, he'll have to weigh plenty of wants and wishes among MTA customers across New York City. 

    In the Bronx, for example, Charmaine Francis has a gripe about the BX-12 Select, one of the new pay-before-you-board buses.

    "It's very time consuming to get a ticket out of the machines," she said. "So when you get on the bus, you don't have a ticket. An inspector comes and they charge you, but the machine is out of service. They need to fix that problem."

    Mike Oh, who was waiting for a Long Island Rail Road train to Hempstead Thursday, said his biggest problem is the dirtiness of trains.

    "The bathrooms are pretty rugged sometimes," he said. "Some of the garbage and foul stench.  Cleaner would be better."

    Frequent subway rider Maya Opendack wanted the new chairman to focus on safety, especially when the homeless or the intoxicated stretch out in a subway car late at night.

    Ex-Giuliani Deputy Picked to Lead MTA

    [NY] Ex-Giuliani Deputy Picked to Lead MTA
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has nominated former Deputy Mayor Joseph Lhota to be the next MTA chairman. Melissa Russo reports.
    (Published Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011)

    "It ends up people don't wanna ride that car, and that person might have a serious problem," said Opendack. "So if there could be a person that rides at night to check to make sure it's safe."

    And in Woodside, Jack Gawley has a message to the man on top.

    "Manners is gone since I was a kid," said Gawley. "If they could do something like put out pamphlets in different languages and say this is how we do it in New York. It's not a free-for-all. It's not the wild wild west."

    What would you ask the new MTA chairman to make a priority when he steps in? Tell us in the comment section below: