Bloomberg Bets Junior's Cheesecake on Giants Win - NBC New York

Bloomberg Bets Junior's Cheesecake on Giants Win

He encourages New Yorkers to wear blue in support of the Giants on "Big Blue Friday"



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    Mayor Bloomberg is so confident the Giants will win the playoff game against the Packers Sunday he's ventured to make a wager on it.

    Bloomberg and Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt announced Thursday a "friendly wager" on Sunday's game in Green Bay.

    If the Giants win, Schmitt will send local cheese curds and Titletown's Sno-Cap root beer.

    If the Packers win, Bloomberg will send Junior's cheesecake and -- in honor of the touchdown dance stylings of Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz -- salsa from the Brooklyn Salsa Company.

    "The Giants are playing best when it matters most, and I know they're going to keep it up on Sunday," said Bloomberg. "I have a feeling that Victor Cruz will be dancing in the end zone and the Giants will be putting the Packers' Super Bowl dreams to rest just like they did four years ago. And our salsa and cheesecake will be staying right here in Brooklyn."

    Schmitt responded, "The Lambeau Leap will always trump a touchdown salsa dance! We have the best team in the NFL and I look forward to another win."

    Bloomberg encouraged New Yorkers to wear blue in a show of support for the Giants in what he's calling "Big Blue Friday."