‘Stop Manspreading!': Queens Native Awkwafina Takes Over 7 Train Subway Announcement

The Queens native will be doing announcements for one of the borough's busiest subway lines, with some fun little additions to them

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If you thought the voice telling you to "stand clear of the closing doors, please" sounds familiar, you're right.

Riders on the 7 line have a new voice as they pull into each station stop: Queens' own celebrity, Awkwafina. The rapper and actor will be giving her own spin on subway announcements on the line in Manhattan and Queens through Jan. 22, which is when her new show "Awkwafina is Nora from Queens" debuts on Comedy Central.

The show is a semi-autobiographical take on her life growing up in the borough. Awkwafina, who was born Nora Lum, originally lived in in Stony Brook before her family moved to Forest Hills when she was just a toddler.

The recorded messages done to promote the show come with funny little asides and just a hint of New York City sass that locals are likely all too familiar with.

"This is, Hudson Yards-34th Street. Hope you like weird architecture!" she is heard saying in one announcement.

In another announcement, she reminded "fellas" to "stop manspreading," referring to people, usually men, who sit with their legs wide apart and taking up more space than they need.

Most riders seemed to not have noticed the new voice but some enjoyed the change in style from the usual monotone voice that comes on. Some of her announcements even solicited laughters from straphangers.

Riders said they'd love to hear voices from other NYC-born celebrities like Jennifer Lopez or Cardi B.

At least one other celebrity actually wants to participate. Bronx native Kerry Washington tweeted in reaction to the 7 train news saying, "Ummmm this is amazing @awkwafina . @MTA I'm available for the 6 train ANYTIME!!!!!!"

The MTA says using Awkwafina' voice is part of a new program that allows them to interact with customers, but also to raise some revenue.

J.P. from Sunnyside tells NBC New York he couldn't care less about the funny announcements but wants the MTA to improve its service. "I mean it's money. Hopefully it like goes to fix the subway," he said.

Check out some of Awkwafina's other announcements:

  • "This is 46th Street, which is a lucky number. I just learned that on the internet. Also learned that pigeons and doves are the same thing — what!?!"
  • "This is 52nd Street. If this is your stop and you're asleep, well that sucks."
  • "This is 69th Street, which is definitely, definitely not funny in any way."
  • "This is 82nd Street, Jackson Heights. And please remember, a train car is the worst place to clip your toenails."
  • "If you're transferring to a bus to LaGuardia Aiport, good luck! I hope you make your flight."
  • "Connection is available to Long Island Rail Road. Listen, I can't help you once you get to Long Island, that's on you."
  • "This is Awkwafina, and welcome to my borough, the best borough — Queens! Riiiight now! Now! I think it's now. We're actually underwater right now, it's hard to tell."
  • "Next stop will be in Manhattan. Hope you brought money!"
  • "Welcome to Queens. Don't let anyone tell you it's technically Long Island. It's not!"

Listen to all of Awkwafina's fun subway announcements along the 7 line below:

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