5 Injured in Brooklyn Shooting

The violence erupted in Bushwick

Five people were wounded in a Brooklyn shooting Saturday afternoon that sent bullets flying near a playground.

The victims--two women and three men--were on Knickerbocker Avenue and Menahan Street in Bushwick when the violence erupted, according to authorities.

All five were hospitalized but police said none of the injuries were likely to be life threatening. Police said they have more than one suspect in the attack.

The shooting was an act of retaliation because one of the victims had filed a police report Friday against one of the shooters for harassing his daughter at a McDonald's, according to Ivet Hernandez, a neighbor.

"I'm disgusted," said Hernandez, who hid behind a tree during the shooting. She said that she believes two of the people who were shot are related to each other and that one of the people hit was an innocent bystander who had been sitting in front of her apartment.

Officials did not confirm this version of events. 

The victims were Rolando Pizarro, who was shot in the abdomen, and his relatives Melody Amil, Rolando Jr. Pizarro and Manuel Rivera, all of whom were shot in the leg. The fifth victim, Wanda Espinoza, was shot in the stomach.

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