Female Suspect Arrested in Mugging of 103-Year-Old NYC Woman

A Bronx woman was arrested Saturday in connection to the violent mugging of a 103-year-old woman in her apartment building, police said. 

Sharon McNeil, 53, allegedly followed Louise Signore into her apartment building on Bellamy Loop in Co-op City at about 2:30 p.m. Friday and got on the elevator with her.

McNeil then followed Signore to her floor, where she knocked her to the ground and grabbed her purse and two meals she got from a local community center, police said.

"See, I thought it was a man and I'm legally blind," Signore told NBC 4 New York. "And they tell me it's a woman."

Signore was evaluated by EMS at the scene but refused further medical attention, authorities said.

"She took the cart and everything in it," Signore said. "I had a lot of bags in the cart, things I use every day, like bingo and my magnifier."

McNeil was charged with robbery, assault and harassment, police said.  

She was held on $100,000 bail.

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