Medicare 8 hours ago

Eyeing 2020, House Empowers Medicare to Negotiate Drug Costs

Sharpening their 2020 election message, House Democrats on Thursday pushed through legislation that would empower Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and offer new benefits for seniors. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill would cap Medicare recipients’ out-of-pocket costs for medicines at $2,000 a year. It would use about $360 billion of its projected 10-year savings from lower drug costs to establish

  • Dec 6

    US Flu Season Arrives Early, Driven by Unexpected Virus

    The U.S. winter flu season is off to its earliest start in more than 15 years. An early barrage of illness in the South has begun to spread more broadly, and there’s a decent chance flu season could peak much earlier than normal, health officials say. The last flu season to rev up this early was in 2003-2004 — a…

  • Dec 5

    Prosecutors: Man Illegally Downloaded Over 60K Lab Reports Through NJ Health Care Company

    A Louisiana man illegally downloaded more than 60,000 lab reports through a New Jersey health care company, prosecutors said.

  • Dec 6

    Pelosi Sets Showdown Vote on Medicare Drug Negotiations Bill

    The House will hold a showdown vote next week on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s bill empowering Medicare to negotiate drug prices, expanded Thursday to provide seniors with dental, vision and hearing benefits not currently covered. Leading Democratic committee chairmen said the Congressional Budget Office has indicated that Pelosi’s bill would save the government $500 billion over 10 years, which they pledged…

  • Dec 5

    Drug Can Curb Dementia’s Delusions, Researchers Find

    A drug that curbs delusions in Parkinson’s patients did the same for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia in a study that was stopped early because the benefit seemed clear.

  • Dec 4

    Bankruptcy Judge in NY Considers $1.3M Bonus for Purdue Pharma CEO

    The judge overseeing the bankruptcy case of OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma will consider Wednesday whether the company’s CEO should get a bonus equal to half his $2.6 million salary.

  • Dec 1

    Hunger on Campus: The Fight Against Student Food Insecurity

    While most Americans will be grateful for second and third helpings this Thanksgiving, there’s one surprising group who struggle to find a first helping every day: students at some of the nation’s top universities, NBC News reports. “I can’t go to the grocery store to buy breakfast because if I use this money I’m not going to be able to

  • Dec 1

    HIV Vaccine in 2021? Leading Experts ‘Optimistic’ About Ongoing Trials

    On Sunday, World AIDS Day, the global fight against the human immunodeficiency virus is poised to make important advances thanks to three experimental HIV vaccines that are entering the final stages of testing at sites across the globe, NBC News reports. While any of these three late-stage HIV vaccine trials — known as HVTN 702, Imbokodo and Mosaico — could

  • Dec 1

    To Stop Teen Vaping, States Turn to Reliable Remedy: Taxes

    The World Health Organization estimates that a 10 percent rise in prices causes overall smoking rates to drop about 4 percent in high-income countries. Some states are relying on this strategy to work again ― this time to discourage consumers, especially teenagers and young adults, from using e-cigarettes and vaping products, NBC News reports.Get more at Read More

  • Nov 29

    15-Ounce ‘Micro-Preemie’ Raising Awareness for Holiday Blood Donations

    A tiny baby born four months early and weighing just 15-ounces has already made a name for herself at the San Diego Blood Bank.

  • Nov 29

    Some Nursing Homes Illegally Evict Residents Who Can’t Afford to Pay

    When Jamie Moore arrived home on a Thursday evening in March, she was surprised to find her mother-in-law in her living room. Glenda Moore, 67, had been sitting in her wheelchair for hours. Without anyone to help her to the bathroom, she’d had an accident. She was also having trouble breathing. “It was awful,” Jamie Moore recalled. Several days earlier,

  • Nov 27

    E. Coli Outbreak Linked to Calif. Romaine Lettuce Reaches 67 Cases

    U.S. health officials are warning people not to eat romaine lettuce grown in Salinas, California, after an E. coli-linked food poisoning outbreak reached 67 cases across 19 states. The Centers for Disease Control on Tuesday said 39 people had been hospitalized after contracting the food-borne illness, which can cause diarrhea, vomiting and fever. No deaths have been reported. The CDC

  • Nov 27

    Moms Are Binge Drinking More, But So Are All Women, Study Finds

    Moms are binge drinking more, but they’re not the only ones: According to a study released Tuesday, binge drinking rates are on the rise for nearly all groups of Americans, whether they have children or not, NBC News reported. “There had been a lot of media attention on the ‘mommy drinking phenomenon,’” said the study’s lead author Sarah McKetta, a

  • Nov 26

    Further Evidence Links Vitamin E Oil to Vaping Illnesses

    More evidence from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention links synthetic vitamin E oil added to illegal THC products to the vaping-related illnesses that have sickened 2,290 people, NBC News reported. In the report published Tuesday, investigators at the Minnesota Department of Health analyzed products containing THC, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient. Twenty product samples obtained from vaping illness patients contained

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