Grateful4You: Stories of Thanks and Hope During the Pandemic

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Clapping. Rainbow signs in windows. Massive deliveries of food. Piles of hand-sewn masks. The tri-state has responded with historic gratitude to the health care workers, first responders and others on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

Using the hashtag #grateful4you, these are some of the small notes of thanks people have shared for those fighting the deadly disease.

THANK YOU: First Responders and Essential Workers

New Yorkers started banging their pots and pans and putting their hands together last month at 7 p.m. to recognize and show gratitude toward essential workers on the frontlines of the New York City's coronavirus fight.

Thousands have lost their loved ones to the coronavirus outbreak and many are still fighting for their lives.

It's a difficult time in American lives but simple acts of kindness and symbols of hope have popped up across the country to help remind people they are not alone.

People show their support for health care workes as positive COVID-19 cases continue to grow. Marc Santia reports.

Some of the kindness came in the form of donations.

NBC New York's Lauren Scala reports.
As many as 400 pizzas are being delivery for free to hospitals all over New York City, and as far north as Westchester, by Sauce Pizzeria. The eatery's landlord saw what they were doing on social media so the landlord decided to give back, with three months rent and a $20,000 donation. NBC New York's Ida Siegal reports.

And lending a hand to anyone who needs it.

The team are helping to fund daycare for first responders battling COVID-19. Bruce Beck reports.

Check out how people at home are showing their gratitude in these tough times:

"My 3 year old twins Colin and Lillian thanking all the #HealthcareHeroes #HealthHeroes #COVID19 #coronavirus #StaySafeStayHome #WashYourHands," wrote Mike Hildreth from Naugatuck, Connecticut.
A Facebook group called 'Rainbows Over Staten Island and Beyond' is encouraging people to spread love, positivity and rainbows. Meanwhile, people across New York continue to thank healthcare workers for their work on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.
Mario Robles has been throwing porch parties for his neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. Old and new music has brought his Flushing, Queens, neighbors closer in these tough times.
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