‘TONY' Unveils ‘The Real' Cheap Eats, All Under $10

Food fight! Time Out New York has published what it is calling, in a none-too-subtle stab at New York magazine, “The Real Cheap Eats.” TONY threw down the gauntlet this afternoon in its weekly email newsletter which began:

A certain other Cheap Eats issue this week features the foods of New York, but comes with a punch line: “all for under $25.” $25? Cheap? Bull!

And with that the mag presented its cheap eats for under $10.

The issue has a pretty handy guide to outer borrough fine cheap eating, a list of the 25 best new cheap eats, and fairly lovable street food icons. And the folks at TONY raise a fair point: In these recessionary times, the good people of New York have many less expensive options for dining on the cheap than a $25-limit would lead you to believe. NY Mag's pizza round-up doesn't even include Two Boots. And its No. 1 pizza, Keste, wouldn't qualify for TONY's list.

So, which is it going to be, cheapskate? Actually, that's one of the beautiful things about living in our fair city -- you can eat your way through both issues. Either way, you win (as do the makers of Tums).

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