Posh Unveils Victoria Beckham Suit Collection

Island Spa

At last night's Dinner with a Designer with Brian Atwood, Victoria Beckham unveiled her latest venture, the Victoria Beckham Suit Collection.  Based on her penchant for dresses, it seems just as solid.

Upon revelation of her disarming personality on American Idol guest spots, we thought we couldn't love Victoria Beckham any more, but now that she's setting out to create top-quality suits, we're proven wrong.  Sporting a couple impeccably made styles herself, Beckham shared with InStyle her own capsule collection of jackets and such as the reason why.

Because of her nostalgic affection for the London-specific glamour of Savile Row, Beckham worked with one of the neighborhood's legendary tailors to produce her own suits, details of whose launch have not been determined.

They're bound to follow suit (intended) with consistently knockout dress collections Beckham's put forth in just a few seasons.  All we can say is, we can't wait. 

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