Inside the Diane Von Furstenberg Sample Sale

After braving a line that stretched all the way down the block, we then battled hordes of women for the prize: $150 brightly-printed wrap dresses by DVF. Amazingly, the line wasn't even as bad as we'd initially feared -- some women in the line were even saying it wasn't nearly as bad as they'd thought. Product of the cold weather finally keeping some would-be shoppers indoors?

Inside the sale, the wares are brightly printed, colorful, and tightly packed: Wrap dresses and vintage are the big winners at $150, while cocktail dresses are $250, blouses and skirts at $80, and the most expensive items are the coats at $350. There's also a whole rack of samples --including a few cute minis and trousers -- for $50 and damaged items for $40.

A warning: from the looks of it, the sizes are running rather large -- we spotted mostly size 8 and 10's, and about 15 minutes after our arrival, we could already hear some women bemoaning the lack of variety in sizes, so if you're a small size, don't be disappointed if you can't find exactly what you're looking for.

One last tip! If you leave the sale and go right across Fifth Avenue to the Starbucks, you can pick up a card that gives you an extra 10% off the Calypso sample sale starting December 15 at 260 Fifth! 

Diane von Furstenberg Sample Sale
260 Fifth Avenue
Family & Friends: Monday 11AM-6PM
Public Sale: Tuesday, 9AM-6:30PM; Wednesday 10AM-8PM; Thurday 10AM-7PM; Friday 9AM-3PM

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