Eduardo Ruffles Doonan’s Feathers on “The Fashion Show”

fashion show simon doonan
Bravo TV

It was down to the final five on last night's The Fashion Show, and the remaining contestants were tasked to create two looks -- in 24 hours, oh my -- around eccentric-badge-of-honor accessories handpicked by Simon Doonan at New York Vintage in Chelsea.

Barneys' newly promoted ambassador-at-large, Simon Doonan appeared as an oh-so-appropriate guest judge on the "eccentric glamour" challenge, greeting hopefuls at the upscale emporium, and ultimately conferring with the panel to select Jeffrey's cream evening gowns -- accompanied by a vintage Christian Dior turquoise-and-lime feather bolero and antique carousel chandelier earrings, respectively -- as the winning looks. Jeffrey presented as one half of the reconfigured House of Emerald, which now includes Caesar once again.

Meanwhile the losing House of Nami had Dominique and Calvin bidding adieu to Eduardo at the end of the night, for his once-too-many repeats of his signature ruffles. The challenge had called for complimentary looks around a blockbuster accessory, but Eduardo's bloated ruffles dwarfed his assigned gloves and hat on both looks. Eduardo was "confused" when the judges called his name, and we have to agree -- it was looking like cast-out Calvin was going to get the ax, as a result of his just-so-so looks the judges described as "clumsy" and "messy." 

Next week's episode sees the final four competing as a house for the last time, creating looks inspired by earth, wind and water.

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