Clippings: The McQueen Ad is Covered in Snakes Edition

alexander mcqueen snakes thumb
Alexander McQueen / Fashionologie

- As one might have expected, the glossy ad for Alexander McQueen's over-the-top Spring 2010 line involves lots and lots of snakes. All we can think of when we look at this is Indiana Jones saying, "Snakes. I hate snakes." [Fashionologie]

- Guess who hates fashion? Guardian writer Tanya Gold. And she's not afraid to write all about it. Fashionista, on the other hand, claims she only hates fashion because she's fat. Let the cat-fighting begin! [The Guardian, Fashionista]

- Guy Trebay kicks off his latest New York Times fashion piece by saying "the last thing on anyone's mind since an earthquake turned Haiti into a scene from Dante was what people were wearing." He then goes on a long-winded tear about what everybody's wearing down in Haiti. If it seems silly, it is. Perhaps interesting in theory, but seriously. [NY Times]

- Then again, now that we think about it, The Times has been making some tackling some seriously off-beat fashion topics of late. Case in point: Bullet-proof vests are in? Oh, Ms. La Ferla. No. [NY Times]

- Street style maven Garance Dore captured a 9-year-old on the front row of a fashion show today. There are no words. [Garance Dore / Twitpic]

- Liv Tyler's modeling again! For G-Star Raw. Still looks good, too, even after a pretty significant hiatus. [FabSugar]

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