Christian Siriano “Having a Moment” on Bravo TV Special

Rumors had swirled that Project Runway's most successful winner, Christian Siriano would be starring in a new reality show, but now it seems as though all we'll get is a Bravo special entitled, obviously, Christian Siriano: Having a Moment that airs April 5. 

Christian Siriano has apparently expressed an aversion to the intrusion of a reality TV series, which we find a little shocking -- of all the thousands of uninteresting people who have welcomed cameras to film every inch of their lives, he would not be our guess for the demure one among the bunch.  From the looks of this preview, it seems as though Siriano's upcoming Bravo special will air in lieu of a full-blown series (though the network hasn't officially confirmed that), which sort of leaves us wanting more. 

This little sneak tidbit rather suggests that Siriano will mostly be seen riding the waves of his uber-successful first year designing: tackling celebrity appointments, red carpet creations and two runway shows.  Of course, the world's tiniest man and biggest personality keeps the action alive with his choice catch-phrases ("having a moment" gets frequently abbreviated to simply, "moment"), and the flamboyant melodrama that won over everyone in the first place. 

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