Cary Vaughan of Ace & Jig Stashes Water Balloons in Her Bag

Maybe it's all the playful prints and sassy stripes in her collection, Ace & Jig, but something told us that Cary Vaughan—one half of the brand's founding duo with partner Jenna Wilson—would have some quirky gear stowed in her handbag.

We were right, of course: not only does Vaughan keep a fresh supply of her favorite peanut butter pretzels at the ready, but she carries crafts from her daughter, Alice, as well as a stash of water balloons.

1. Black Clare Vivier Zip Wallet - "Big enough to hold everything, and love the kelly green interior.""

2. Beauty Essentials - "Maybelline Great Lash should be every girl's essential! RMS' Living Luminizer is my go-to 'glowy' product for inner eye corners and cheekbone highlights (it's also great mixed with moisturizer). Aquaphor is hands down the best moisturizer for lips and to coat over eyelids for eyegloss"

3. Water Balloons - "If all else fails on the playground, these never disappoint."

4. Hair Rubberbands - "For top knot buns!"

5. Extra Baubles - "Gold! Mostly vintage bracelets, including my grandmother's charm. A few are Fenton Fallon, plus Dream Collective record beaded ones—I love the colors. And some friendship bracelets made with my daughter."

6. Good Health Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels - "Salted!"

7. Clean Well Hand Cleanser - "Mostly for Alice—I prefer soap and water."

8. Crafts - "A heart scrubble cut-out by my daughter."

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