Bless' “Extended” Cardigan Can Be Worn Every Which Way

The Berlin-based innovators at Bless have done it again, with a mind-bogglingly cool "extended" cardigan that can be styled seemingly ad infinitum.

It's not totally clear what this beast looks like unfolded, but from what we infer from the pictures, the unisex design consists of two cardi "front flaps"--the side with a button placket and crew neck--connected in the back with a long drapey grey piece, which can either be wrapped around or left hanging. Think of that scene in Clueless where Tye, standing awkwardly at a party, styles her sweatshirt umpteen different ways before deciding to keep it tied around her waist.

The whole gizmo is color-blocked in yellow, black, and peach, so you get totally different combinations depending on how you choose to wear it--kind of like a rubix cube. Like their motto, "Fits Every Style," it's hard to imagine someone not being able to find a practical use for this vunder-cardi.

Available for $335 at Stand Up Comedy.

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