The Shutter: Is FROG Finally Admitting Defeat?

Oh FROG. Lovely, misguided FROG. Is it finally time to throw in the towel? According to a number of reports, the space has been dark since at least Friday (see shots from last night, above). But before we go on to the official word on the demise from the PR, let's get everyone caught up with a brief timeline:

· 04/24/07: FR.OG opens to the public
· 04/27/07: FR.OG is placed on the Deathwatch List
· 04/21/08: FR.OG announces is will launch Origine on lower level
· 05/12/08: FR.OG becomes FROG
· 05/14/08: FROG rebrands itself as a nighclub/bar/lounge instead of a restaurant
· 10/14/08: Rumors swirl that the crew from Upstairs is taking over the downstairs experiment Origine. PR denies.
· 10/21/08: The place has been dark for the last four days.

By the looks of it, FROG is on its way out, Upstairs on its way in, but according to the flacks, the place still has a pulse. They explain the empty restaurant thusly: "They are currently just doing private parties so maybe nothing was booked." So it ceased to be a real restaurant back in May and now it's ceased to be open to the public? The wording above leaves open the possibility that it could become a restaurant again, but we think that for all intents and purposes, we can declare this a shutter.
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