The Return of Williamsburg’s Best Shoe Salesman


[Image via Shoe Market]

This weekend our inboxes were graced with yet another e-mail from Shoe Market's Rob Bryn. His goal this fall: "Sell more shoes than anyone ever believed was possible." And he's going to do it by being more charming and ridiculous than any other newsletter-writing vendor in NYC. Here's Rob on a pair of pointy-tied, high-heeled Sam Edelmans (above), currently on sale for $79:

This shoe is going on sale because we just haven't sold that many of them. Each morning when I'm rolling the gates up I'm expecting to be descended on by a pack of ravenous transvestites on their way to a bachelorette party but lacking the right footgear.

Alas, they've never shown up.

And here he is on the durability of Frye boots:

A low price for a quality boot that'll last you a life time. You can give them to your daughter. Right before she steals your credit card to go and elope with Rodrigo and run off to live on the new Moon colony in the year 2028.

And on a pair of Rachel Comey t-strap heels:

It costs $315, which is a lot of money, and now I'm wishing it looked better in the picture like, why didn't I use a lint brush and the color of the laces is too similar to the color of the rusted fence behind the shoe.

Also, the whole thing is peppered with shout-outs to various girls in the neighborhood. We know we've said it before, but there is no mailing list more entertaining.
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