Possible Dinosaur Hooker Ring Busted in Tribeca

Photo: iStockphoto.com

Today's Wall Street Journal and New York Times banner headlines were scary, huh? You know what other things are scary? Like, what will really make you sweat? Dominatrices.

Well, they're usually scary, but not this week. Rapture NYC, a high-end S&M club in Tribeca, was forced to stop flogging and pinching as vice cops investigated suspected prostitution on the premises. The club's owner and a head dominatrix were also arrested. On the club's now-defunct Website, organizers claim, "we do not engage in any form of prostitution whatsoever, so don't even ask!" Police didn't report specific evidence for the allegations (sources said that it had been selling sex on the side since it opened five years ago), but the Post came up with some pretty compelling anecdotes:

"When I work late, 'til 11 or midnight, I hear slapping and screaming, like whack, followed by ahh!" said freelance photographer Martin Crock, whose studio is on the floor above the pain palace.

And a superintendent of a Staten Island building where the club's owner, Collin Reeve, used to live for several years said he found some pretty damning evidence when Reeve moved out. "We found videos of him and people playing with people dressed up as dinosaurs," she said. Dinosaurs! But they have such small arms!


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