Exhausted Christian Siriano: ‘I Am Done'

Christian Siriano was not feeling so hot after his long week. "I just got really dehydrated," he told us at his after-party last night at the W Hotel, as he took shots from a big bottle of water. "I feel sort of nauseous, I don't know why."

Blogging for Time.com was "too much work!" he said, adding, "I’ll leave it to the pros — I’m not a great writer." He also missed the moral support of four of his favorite divas: "They all canceled [on coming to the show]. I was sad. But you’ve got to roll with the punches." When Tori Spelling, the one-fifth of his diva clan who didn't cancel, strolled into the party, Siriano put his game face back on and chatted her up, while a camera crew filmed them for Spelling's reality show. "He's such a hardworking kid," his mom remarked. After the camera crew left (and Tori with them), Siriano sighed. "I am done."

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