“The Wire” Actor: I Stay Busy By Spinning

"The Wire" star Leo Fitzpatrick said DJing helps keep him busy during down time when he's not on the small screen -- and it helps pay the rent, too.

"I like to stay busy," the actor told Niteside at the non-profit RxART 10-year anniversary bash at The Art Director's Club in Manhattan on Monday night. "When I decided to become an actor, I knew that there was going to be a lot of down time. I don't like down time, and I like to pay my rent."

He added, "DJing helps me break up those periods." 

The actor, who played Johnny Weeks in the HBO hit series and most recently appeared on "Sons of Anarchy," said he is also curating an art show and enjoys going out on a limb when it comes to extracurriculars -- "the weirder the project, the more I like it." 

"I enjoy acting," he said. "I like trying out different stuff.  ... And television's great for paying rent. ... I feel like it all balances itself out in this weird way that keeps me happy." 

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