New Yorkers Giving Up Facebook for Lent

Shunning the social-networking site will "bring me closer to God," says one woman

For a city where people are used to getting what they want when they want it - unless it's a seat at The Spotted Pig - Lent can be really hard. But that's the point. So when faced with the challenge of giving something up for 40 days in the service of spiritual self-discovery, a lot of New York Catholics decided to go without Facebook.

According to amNY, one woman decided giving up her favorite pastime - one that sucks up to 10 hours from her life every week - would bring her "closer to God."

Unsurprisingly, the trend of giving up Facebook for Lent has made its way onto Facebook - where users have joined groups about giving up Facebook for Lent.

Does this mean Catholics are still allowed to Twitter or Tumblr, just as long as their feeds don't populate automatically to Facebook? What would Jesus do? Maybe we should check his Facebook page. (Don't laugh. He has one.)

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