Monday Opening Report: Porchetta Certified Open, Obikà Unclear, Philippe Chow Express on Weds

Obika, in Plywood Days [Photo Credit]

1) Midtown: The Times and others report that mozzarella bar/chain Obikà will open today in the sculpture garden of 590 Madison Avenue. Here’s the scoop on the offerings from the Times: “Obikà focuses on the most prized mozzarella in Italy, large balls of mozzarella di bufala, made from water buffalo milk...The cheese will be served with accompaniments such as Sardinian bottarga, mortadella with pistachios, Tuscan porchetta and fig marmalade.” Status: A lunchtime walk by today revealed Obika in a still-plywooded state. 590 Madison Avenue; phone unknown. [NYT]

2) East Village: NYMag reports that takeout shop Porchetta, (not a Neroni reincarnation), will open this week serving tasty pork sandwiches, among other things. They write: “In Italy, a juicy hunk of aggressively seasoned, boned-out, slow-roasted pig with cracklings, sliced and served on a roll, is considered fast food. It can now be found at Porchetta, an East Village takeout shop where chef-owner Sara Jenkins supplements the main attraction with beans, cooking greens, crispy potatoes, mozzarella sandwiches, and her own biscotti. Status: Certified Open. 110 E. 7th Street; 212-777-2151. [NYM]

3) Greenwich Village: As was noted in a previous plywood report, an “express” version of the ritzy UES Chinese resto Philippe is set to open in the former Six and Twelve space off 6th Avenue and 12th Street. Menu details here. The website indicates that it will be opening on Wednesday. Status: Opening Wednesday. 469 6th Avenue; no phone yet. [Philippe Chow]

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