“Last Comic Standing” Contestant Stages Stunt for Votes at UCB

With only 15 minutes before the midnight close of voting, Myq Kaplan, a finalist of NBC's "Last Comic Standing," appealed to a packed UCB Theatre crowd to gain a few more supporters.

"I don't know if anyone watches 'Last Comic Standing.' Well, that's not true, we know somebody's watching -- They have machines that tell us that," the New York-based comedian said at 11:45 PM.

"If you saw tonight's episode you know that I was on it and I killed. So you should get out your cell-phones now and vote."

And just to make sure people knew that he wasn’t looking for a free ride, he added, "Don't worry. I'm going to earn those votes people."

And he did, cracking the group up with some racy material that likely would not fly on primetime NBC. During his set Kaplan enlisted the services of a joyfully intoxicated audience member to hold up a cardboard sign with the voting number for “Last Comic Standing,” just so it wasn’t forgotten.

Myq was at UCB for Whiplash!, a free show hosted by comedian Leo Allen on Monday nights. Whiplash! is a regular stop for top talents like Janeane Garafalo, Sarah Silverman, Todd Barry and Marc Maron, not to mention “Saturday Night Life” cast members who like to drop by the show to keep their humor in check.

"Listen I don't want to brag but we've done it again. We've sold out a free show. That's right. Just because it free doesn't mean it matters any less," host Allen said to the crowd before introducing the solid comedy line-up of Kaplan, Katie Crown and Wyatt Cenac.

Cenac, a correspondent for Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” closed the night and had a interesting time dealing with some unruly attendees. “I think it’s clear you’ve had a few drinks,” the comic said good-naturedly.

After repeated offensives the host Allen ran up on stage to run the troublemakers out. “I just want you all to know that those were the first people ever thrown out of Whiplash!,” the bemused host said.

Whiplash! is a free show done every Monday at UCB Theatre. To reserve your own seats and to get more information visit their website here: http://newyork.ucbtheatre.com/shows/1858

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