Jersey Stays Out of Women’s Pants

Jeff Fusco/Getty Images

The first amazing thing about a move in New Jersey to ban Brazilian waxes was that, with a colossal financial crisis going on and the State's budget collapsing all around them, this was an issue they cared about.

The second amazing thing was that there is such an entity as a Cosmetology and Hairstyling Board (see also amazing thing No. 1). There was a whole bunch of gross back-and-forth in local papers with weasely and nerdy State officials creeping everybody out by talking about waxing "the genital area."

The State's fears stemmed from two women who were hospitalized after rough Brazilians. Well, it appears that now women are free to go completely bare down there after all. The Garden State (which had really been fighting to earn that name) relented.

The ban, if enacted, couldn't have come at a worse time for spa owners, with spring obviously being the busy season, and it seemed likely that many women would have just shifted their business to Manhattan spas. Jersey spa owner Linda Orsuto told the Telegraph, "In New Jersey especially, where the government has been picking our pockets for so long, it was like: 'Just stay out of our pants, will you?'"

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