Holiday Travel Surprisingly Manageable at LaGuardia

JFK, Newark experience delays

The mad dash to get home for Christmas wasn't too maddening for most people at LaGuardia Airport Wednesday afternoon.

The only hold-up was the weather, not ideal for a holiday-travel day.

Weather in other parts of the country caused arrival and departure delays, especially at Newark Airport. Some passengers there experienced two-hour delays, but the only trouble folks flying out of LaGuardia had Wednesday was just getting to the airport.

Overcoming some wet roads was a challenge to some, but Manhattan resident Michael Bailenson told WNBC that things were fairly quiet once he got to Laguardia.

And if you're like Union Square resident Kyle Morabito and trying to fly stand-by, don't be afraid to visit one of the many airport shops while you wait to hear your name called.

"I got here a little bit early because I'm flying stand-by, but it didn't work so I thought I'd do a little shopping and get a massage," he said.

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