Healthy Holidays Tips for Diabetics

As we pointed out earlier, people love their holiday cookies. They also love their Hershey kisses, candy canes, and holiday drinks. Which is fine and everything, but can make holiday parties tough for people with diabetes.

The holidays can be a difficult, sweets-soaked time for people with blood sugar issues. Knowing this, the Centers for Disease Control, as reported by Medicine Net, has issued the following healthy advice for diabetics to help them navigate holiday meals and parties.

-Have small portions from the holiday buffet, and make your table far away from the food.

-Stick to low-calorie drinks, and limit alcohol to one drink a day for women, or two drinks a day for men.

-Skip poultry with skin, ham with a honey glaze, and creamy side dishes and sauces.

-Opt for veggie-based, light side dishes, especially fresh vegetables.

-Enjoy fresh fruit, instead of a piece of pie.

-Make socializing with friends and family the focus of the season, rather than food.

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