Guggenheim Goes Gaudy: Marquee Floods the UES

PSA to Upper East Siders and art lovers alike: The Guggenheim Museum is not, in fact, doubling as Radio City Music Hall's uptown venue in order to bolster its capital campaign. Of course it's a work of art! French-Algerian artist Philippe Parreno designed this not-so-energy-efficient theater marquee as part of theanyspacewhatever—yes, one word—a recently-opened exhibition. According to the explanatory text posted on to the Gugg's infamous Frank Lloyd Wright-designed walls, the blank sign "announces the show without making any pronouncements about its content or structure." The museum is also dabbling in the hospitality business these days: Artist Carsten Höller has installed an open, revolving hotel room in the gallery; long sold out, the rates ranged from $250-$700 per night.
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