The State of the To-Go Margarita

New York ain’t New Orleans, but where the margarita is concerned, go-cups have never been hard to find. Still, it’s been a while since we indulged in one — partly because our hookups have had their run-ins with the law. So when the weather grew balmy last Friday, we decided to assay the state of the to-go marg by visiting three Mexican restaurants known to serve them para llevar. Here’s what happened.

Establishment No. 1 Home of the “crackarita.”
Grub Street: “Hi, could I get a frozen one to-go?”
Bartender: “No more to-go.”
Grub Street: [Acting incredulous] “Sorry?”
Bartender: “No to-go anymore.”
Grub Street: “Ah.”

Establishment No. 2 A less popular establishment nearby.
Grub Street: “Hi, could I get a frozen to-go?”
Bartender: “One second.” [nods at Server No. 2]
Server No. 2: “Yes?”
Grub Street: “One to-go?”
Server No. 2: [Before we even see it pulled from the machine, gives us a frozen marg in a clear plastic cup inside of a paper bag]

Establishment No. 3 A hole-in-the-wall known for its flavored margs.
Grub Street: Hi, could I get one to-go?
Bartender: [Wordlessly prepares one on the rocks. Hands it to us in a plastic cup, no bag. Meanwhile a delivery man is putting three margaritas in a sack]

And so there you have it, folks, the to-go margarita (and the delivery marg!) is alive and well. Enjoy your summer, and God bless America!

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