Gossip Girl Has Been Filming on Staten Island!

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This shot, from an upcoming episode, appears to be shot at the Box, a super-trendy Manhattan location. Ahem.

Today a lucky former W assistant achieved a goal that your Daily Intel editors have been dying to reach for exactly one year and four months: She was filmed as an extra for an episode of Gossip Girl. Luckily for us, she provided an extremely detailed account so that we may live vicariously through her (and perhaps later jealously strangle her with a headband). The episode, which seems to involve the opera and a loud and sloppy kiss between Nate and Vanessa, required the young lady to wear a gown. Which, being a former assistant at W, she happened to have:

I soon received a call informing me that I was one of the chosen ones. A few days later, I packed up a purple strapless Oscar de la Renta dress, an empire-waisted Gucci gown, four pairs of heels and an armload of accessories and jumped on the ferry to Staten Island where the show was filming at the St. George Theatre, a grand old vaudeville venue which dates back to 1929. I arrived at the Gossip Girl set anticipating a flurry of fashionable glamazons. Twas not so. Many of the extras were dressed in what appeared to be five-year-old ABS and Bebe frocks.

Insert sound of needle screeching off record. Slightly bitchy Bebe reference aside, hold on a second — the Gossip kids went to Staten Island? Oh no, no, no, Mees Blair. Eleanor Waldorf would never approve.

I Was a Gossip Girl Extra [W]

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