Screw the Owls, Bunnies Hop On

rick owens made a bunny.jpg

We were quietly going through the most recent T: Style with Eva Green on the cover, when we noticed something so incredibly strange.

Another high fashion bunny. But with a mean face. Made out of mink. Designed by Rick Owens. (Translation: It's $700.)

You're supposed to be able to put your necessities into it ("keys, cash and compact"), so we guess it's like an animal backpack, except, made from an actual animal, and missing the straps/handles that usually come with accessories called bags.

Could this be the first animal clutch? Apparently.

On a side note, Stella's moved on from bunnies to deer, though made of recycled polyester rather than venison. We should all get out our monkey-topped pencils and take note.

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