Scenester Bébés Book Vogue Italia!

Kay and Tess

If you were downtown on Saturday morning, you may have noticed Scott Schuman, aka The Sartorialist, doing an outside shoot with several underage lovelies in various stages of DKNY.

The shoot, we can reveal, was for an imminent issue of Vogue Italia, and the girls - well, you've probably seen them before.

The tall blonde on the left - who just shaved half her head, a la Alice Dellal - is Kay Goldberg, a RISD freshman and crush of Olivier Zham who lives in the West Village. Kay is the goddaughter of Kurt Cobain but her real claim to fame is being the first-ever Look Book subject in New York Magazine - she's also on the cover of their book.

The redhead on the right is Tess Brokaw, a former Fashionista intern who gave us the lowdown on "real life Gossip Girl style" last year and also posed in the most recent Vena Cava show. Faran introduced her to Scott after the Preen show last year, and... well... the rest is history, with a fake ID.

But where, oh where, was Cory Kennedy?!

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