Roksanda at the Library

roksanda aw09 .jpg

Roksanda Illinic showed her Fall 09 collection in a proper British library yesterday afternoon at Whitehall.

It was sponsored by Barbie - who continues to reign over Fashion Week on this side of the pond, too - but featured a string of dresses much too elegant for the iconic plastic doll.

The Central St. Martin's grad, as someone said, "makes high fashion you can actually wear." Her dresses are Rodarte pretty and equally well made, but you can wear them regardless of whether you're Keira Knightley or not.

Dresses came in pinks and greys with lace and rhinestone detailing. There was a black coat made entirely of ruffles and tops and skirts made out of what looked like fancy aluminum foil. The models wore fabric discs on each side of their head, Mickey Mouse-like, but the oversized gold bow bracelets made up for them.

If we were ladies who lunch, this is what we'd lunch in.

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