McQ for Target Debuts in Manhattan During Fashion Week

mcq for target to st james center.jpg

Just because Target refuses to build a central Manhattan location, doesn't mean they've forgotten about us.

In fact, they love us so much they're erecting a McQ Market at St. John's Center (330 West Street at West Houston Street) from noon until 10pm on February 14th and 15th so that those of us stranded on this Target-less island can pick up our McQ for Target almost a month before the rest of the world.

And it won't be any old mini-mega store, they're transforming the space into their own version of Camden Market complete with chain link fences, distressed plywood and graffiti-covered grates to "evoke some rock 'n roll nostalgia" - we're not sure how successful that element will be but we're willing to give it a go, especially if it means a surprise appearance by Leila Moss.

They'll be selling the entire collection and local artists will be around to customize whatever you want.

Your best bet is hopping over in that two hour slot between Wang and ThreeAsFour on the Saturday, unless you'd rather wait until after Miss Sixty on Sunday, in which case fingers crossed there's anything left.

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