A Little Rock at Jill Stuart

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Whenever there's a show at the New York Public Library, you always have to first figure out exactly where in the library they mean (unless you actually remember to bring your invitation), which can take a few minutes. So when ELLE.com's Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin said, "Oh look! I see Louboutins and a red swing coat - this way!" I knew our running late wouldn't matter.

Once inside, I realized what a wonder it was that I thought it was hard to find. Believe it or not, the Jill Stuart show is insanely popular - with photographers, for all the good models, and with the crowd that attends, mainly girls looking for a sweet little dress to wear to death.

The paparazzi simply freaked with Paris and Nicky Hilton showed up - Michelle Trachtenberg and one of the mean girls from GG were also there - so much so that we found ourselves wondering if it was suddenly 2003 again.

Though we've always thought of Jill Stuart as the go-to prom dress brand for rich high school girls, we'll admit this show actually had a little more substance than seasons past. It began with a little more of a rocker edge than usual, a couple of the backless black dresses are exactly the kind of thing you want to wear when running into an ex, but then it took a turn into shiny florals and Blossom hats, which had us again wondering if we were actually attending a show meant for Fall.

In the end, the girls in the crowd loved what they saw, and Paris and Nicky walked ahead of everyone making their way to Bryant Park, a high-heeled nucleus in a very flashy, ever-growing cell. And that's when we realized that it may be a bank holiday Monday, but it's definitely still Fashion Week.

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