Curbed PriceChopper: 15 CPW Combo Meal Gets Discounted

Was: $21,500,000
Now: $19,495.000
You Save!: $2,005,000

Before you get all excited, yes, it has happened before at the Limestone Jesus. In fact, this $22 million 4BR apartment was chopped $700,000 about three months ago according to StreetEasy. But this one is slightly more notable, if only because we've been down this road before. The owners of #9G and #9M in the "Tower" got together over the summer to offer their apartments as a package deal, which would create a 4,100-square-foot megapad with a massive 3,400sqft wrapped terrace. The combined purchase price of the apartments was $10.9 million, so perhaps asking $22 million pre-combination was a bit of a stretch. Now, the offering has been "repackaged" as the spinsters would say, with a far more tantalizing sub-$20M ask. Of course, each apartment could be bought separately, but where's the fun in that?
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