Conan Mocks Ed Hardy-Loving Borgata Crowd Ahead of NYC Return

Conan O'Brien, performing in Atlantic City over Memorial Day weekend, ripped into the Ed-Hardy loving crowd that flocked to see the former late night funnyman at The Borgata -- mocking both their fashion choices and alcohol preference.

“What better way to spend Memorial Day weekend than to do Jager bombs and empty your entire bank account?” Conan posed slyly to the audience, which erupted into cheers.

He added, “You guys will cheer at anything!”

He was right. O’Brien then made fun of Ed Hardy and like brands for a solid 10 minutes, which, incidentally, most of the crowd was decked out in.

“What is that? Cougars shaped out of sequins?” said the bearded former talk show host. “I guess if things go wrong at the tables you can just pull previous metals off of your shirt?”

Four months ago, Conan O’Brien parted ways with “The Tonight Show” in arguably one of the most talked about dust-ups in late-night television. Since then the famous red head has been keeping himself pretty busy by getting on Twitter, planning his recently announced TBS program and performing his “Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on Television Tour” nightly.

The tour, which has been sold out nearly every show, is due to land at Radio City today and tomorrow.

On O’Brien’s beef with NBC: whether he’s settled those demons or his manager begged him to ease up on the network, the show seemed lighter than anticipated on attacks. He brought up “losing” his job and explained exactly how he coped with the sudden change of lifestyle with the help of some video vignettes.

A large amount of the material in “Legally Prohibited” seemed penned specifically for the city it’s in. Sunday night’s Borgata show included jabs at AC’s Greyhound Bus Service, Snooki and the gambling elderly.

Here at Niteside we cannot wait to see what material O’Brien and team prepare for his first return to New York since he left for Los Angeles.  

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