Commniption: Frenzy at the H&M Flagship

We're up early and on line today at both the Herald Square and flagship stores for the much anticipated Comme des Garçons for H&M launch. Brace for pushing, shoving, long lines and lots of polka dots. And if you're waiting with us, you can track our Twitter and tag your own updates with #rny.

8:34am: I'm here! The line goes most of the way down 51st Street, breaking up in a couple of places to accommodate office building entrances and construction sites.

8:42am: Also: there are CAMELS wandering around. Apparently they are from the Radio City Christmas show, and they're just getting some air.

9:04am: We're in! They just let us all in! Lot of press here.

9:09am: Okay, this is hilarious: The whole H&M staff is up on the third floor watching, and every time someone tries to touch one of the mannequins, they all scream.

9:33am: They're out of the dress, except there is one in the window. Crowds don't seem to realize this. Apparently, there were only five or six of them and they got snapped up fast. Ton of men here, and they are all going for the polka dots. Lot of weird deconstructed shirts left on the racks.

9:34am: Line for the fitting room is really long. Feel like people could come back to snag what's left over after the first group gets done. H&M employees are discouraging people from trying stuff on in the middle of the store.

9:36am: Lot of people just running around. Everyone is looking for the scarves. Shoppers clearly indifferent to the perfume—there's plenty of that left.For more stories from Racked, go to

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