Put On Your Pickle Suit This Sunday

Canning demonstrations, pickle tastings, Peter Piper recitations and more

Regardless of how you take your cukes: sweet, dill, spiced with jalapeno or on a stick, there is something for every pickle-lover at the Ninth Annual New York City International Pickle Day (yes, even the pickle gets its very own day) this Sunday on the Lower East Side.

In addition to the usual canning demonstrations, pickle tastings and Peter Piper recitations, this year's organizers are asking pickle lovers to do something truly special: Come in costume.

That's right. A few select designers will be sharing their visions of the "perfect Pickle Day outfit," and you too should not be ashamed to share yours.Feeling shy? How about just wearing a pair of sliced-pickle earrings?

Local favorites such as Russ & Daughters and Rick's Picks will be hawking their wares at this two-block, day-long festival. There will be all your standard pickled goods, naturally, but there will also be things you didn't think could be put in a jar, like mangos, watermelon and pomegranate pickled turnips, and some things that probably shouldn't be.

The day's festivities are brought to you by The Food Museum;  the only museum in New York without, well, a building. Their virtual tour provides a pretty good history of New York city eating for the past 100 years. You can spend all day at the museum without leaving your desk.

But on Sunday, go ahead and put on that pickle suit you've been dying to wear. No one will judge you.

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