Butter Doorwoman Still Has a Few More Things to Say

Photo: Courtesy of Butter

Turns out there's more — probably more than you want to know — to yesterday's story of Sherry Cosovic, Butter's Monday-night gatekeeper and keeper of New York City's nightlife flame. From this, part two of her epic discussion with Steve Lewis, a more rounded portrait emerges. We learn that it's not just the girls in line for Butter who suck, according to Sherry — it's pretty much everyone else, including: Albanians ("I hated them"), Vanessa "Lips" Ferlito ("When we stopped speaking I was going through a lot in my life at the time and I needed her the most"), and a Cuban girl who stole her phone ("I just cracked her right in the face"). Surprisingly, Paris Hilton and Samantha Ronson both get a pass. Do click through and give it a read, though you may never think of 98 Degrees in quite the same light.

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Butter is Better, Part Two [Good Night, Mr. Lewis]

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