Secret to Brooklyn's Job Market: Diversity


Less than two weeks ago, we heard that Brooklyn was poised to lose 6,000 jobs. But the Daily News reports that we have a secret weapon in the employment department: diversity. ""It goes back to how diverse our economy is," sats president of the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Carl Hum. "We have virtually every business sector here." Brooklyn's food and health service sectors will actually increase by 1,500 jobs, and hotels, arts and retail should hold steady. The article predicts that the addition of restaurants and cafés to Bed Stuy and Crown Heights will help keep those areas booming, and some small manufacturers might add jobs, too. Thought you guys might need a dose of optimism... Although, actually, those 6,000 jobs are still expected to be lost.
Businesses Hang On Because of Diverse Culture [NY Daily News]
Dead-End Jobs. Photo by lilpixiegirl03.

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